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Baptism Restaurant Estepona

Baptism Celebrations at a Restaurant in Estepona

Celebrate your Child´s Baptism at El Palangre Restaurant

At El Palangre Restaurant, we ensure every baptism celebration is perfect. Baptisms are very peculiar, this is the celebration of the happiest event of two people’s lives, being parents. Baptisms are the first celebration and public presentation of our child, to the people we care about the most, such as our family and friends.

This is why we take the commitment you make with the people with whom you want to share this great moment as our own, that’s why our lounge and kitchen staff strive to offer the highest quality and excellence in both the products and the service we provide. El Palangre Restaurant also has the endorsement of being a Michelin Guide Restaurant.

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Celebrating Baptisms in Estepona

Ideal Situation

El Palangre Restaurant, is a great restaurant for baptisms in Estepona, it is ideal for being located in the town’s fishermen neighbourhood, and has stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. It is located in an area with easy parking and a seafood kitchen, that offers quality, gastronomic originality and tradition.

We modify our menus for each event and have enough capacity to accommodate up to 110 guests, both in our lounge and on the terrace, which face the Mediterranean Sea. We are at your entire disposal and you can even get a personalized and fully customized menu. We offer you a diverse gastronomic offer that adapts to any type of palate and pocket; fish, seafood, rice, meat and homemade desserts.

If you want to make this day even more special than it already is, don’t hesitate to contact El Palangre Restaurant without obligation, we are experts in celebrating baptisms in Estepona. You can also visit us at Calle Cristóbal Colón, 20 (Casa del Mar) and we’ll inform you as best as we can. We guarantee the best flavour and quality along with a great, familiar and friendly environment.