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Estepona Restaurant Breakfasts

Breakfasts at Estepona

Restaurant with Quality Products

El Palangre Restaurant opens for breakfast in Estepona. We have prepared a new and very complete breakfast menu so you can start your day in the best possible way and enjoy our terrace and indoor lounge’s Mediterranean-sea views.

Our restaurateur experience of more than 18 years guarantees our products, and now we open for breakfast, offering a wide range of Mediterranean and English breakfasts, so you can enjoy the following types of breakfasts:

Classic: Churros, Molletes, Pitufos, Baguettes, Whole-Wheat, Sandwiches, Croissants..

Continental breakfast including natural juices, pastries, coffees, infusions…

English Breakfast: Bacon, Egg, Sausages, Toasts, Tea, Coffee…

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Breakfasts at El Palangre Restaurant

Wide Variety

In El Palangre Restaurant you’ll be able to find, besides from our traditional Churros, all kinds of bread, sausages and a variety of coffees of excellent quality, so you can have breakfast in Estepona, served efficiently and quickly.

The indisputable quality of our breakfasts is based on using the best ingredients and the freshest products. Our coffee is made with one of the best coffees and with the highest quality milk. We have a good coffee machine in a perfect condition that, along with a perfect water pressure, gives us some of the best tasting and most aromatic coffees in Estepona.

Start your day with a great breakfast and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea’s magnificent views!