Puerto Deportivo local 1B 2B, 29680 Estepona, Málaga, Spain
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This is a family business in which we all take care of choosing the best and freshest fish. We’re a group of people who have ample experience, which can be seen through our product choices, aimed at bringing the best and freshest fish to your table. Estepona is a city with a fishing tradition, a port and a large fleet of fishing boats.

(Trawls, purse seine, longline, trammel-net, octopus fishing, etc.) This guarantees the freshest fish, which helps us buy the best of the best every day, straight from the Estepona fish market to el Palangre Restaurant, always taking the best to reflect a high quality in our dishes, with the sole purpose of pleasing our customers’ palates. Since 2000 we have worked day after day with more enthusiasm and above all with more experience, so that all these dreams can continue to come true in Estepona’s El Palangre Restaurant.

Chef Francisco’s great ties to the marine sector, due to his past, as he was raised in Estepona’s Fishermen’s neighbourhood, guarantees a great relationship and communication with Estepona’s port sailors, with the single aim of getting the best and freshest fish. The restaurant is located in the Port of Estepona.