Puerto Deportivo local 1B 2B, 29680 Estepona, Málaga, Spain
+34 952 80 58 57

Our Meats


Quality Products

We have a small variety of meat, but it’s specially selected. These include Entrecôte, veal steak, ox steak, Iberian prey and oxtail. All our meats are national, which guarantees their quality. In terms of beef, we exclusively consume Veal, which guarantees a great flavour and tenderness.

Our meat star is BULL TAIL STEW, which is exclusively made by our best chef, a recipe that is impossible to imitate, we’re one of the most successful restaurants in Estepona in terms of BULL TAIL STEW, a very exclusive dish made with the best and most ecological ingredients, which are bought from Estepona’s agricultural cooperative. Since the city of Estepona is also agricultural, the owner of El Palangre Restaurant in Estepona himself is in charge of ordering all the ingredients.