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Our Rices


Wide Variety

Seafood rice stews allow us to play with the seafood and fish that we like the most. In el Palangre Restaurant, we get to choose from various crustaceans (crayfish, carabineros, and lobsters.) as well as mollusks (clams, mussels, squid and cuttlefish) and white fish (monkfish, grouper) or rockfish (redfish or scorpionfish), always choosing well so that our rice has the best and freshest products and the best quality, and so that all this is reflected in our customers’ palates, and always washed down with the best wines.

Our signature dish is the seafood rice stew with carabineros, always cooked with first quality ingredients, with lifetime recipes that are hard to match, it’s a very tasty dish with an exquisite flavour because of the carabineros which give it a special flavour.

There’s also black rice with carabineros and chocos, cooked with the best fruits of the sea. With all this we get a spectacular mix of flavours, which allows us to make one of the best rice dishes. A real show for our customers’ palates, El Palangre Restaurant’s main objective.